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Art Hill
Art Hill is one of the top guides in all of Southern California, consistently helping his angling clients catch the biggest bass of their lifetime.

Whether your goal is to catch more bass than you ever have in a day, set a new "personal best", or to become a better bass angler by learning new techniques, Art Hill is qualified and dedicated to help you achieve those goals.

Art is a local expert on both Vail and Diamond Valley lakes, arguably the two best bass lakes in Southern California, both of which are located approximately an hour from downtown San Diego.
Meet Your Guide
"You're guaranteed to walk away a better angler!"
- Art Hill

"I'd never held a rod in my life! We weren't on the lake more than 5 minutes when, thanks to Art's expert advice, I caught my first fish ever! First in the boat!"
- Josie, Los Angeles

"Whether you're a new angler wishing to get a crash course on the basic approach, or a bass angler wishing to hone your skills and presentation, you'll leave the water with a sense of accomplishment and tons of indispensable information."
- Miguel Lizarraga - Los Angeles

"With an angler as skilled as [Art] on the boat, there was tons of learning to be done, and what better way to accomplish this than by seeing a guide's approach to a body of water they know well, with presentations and tactics that you can use on all of our bodies of water...You won't be disappointed with Art's guide service. There's a reason why I keep using him as my guide.
- Fishing Network Forum user